For those traveling to Japan for the first time, Kyoto is a must-see city. Formerly the capital of Japan, this city attracts more than 50 million domestic and international tourists every year, including day trips.

The most famous places are the maiko (apprentice geisha) performances at restaurants in Gion, the Fushimi Inari Shrine, which was ranked number one in Japan as one of the most visited destinations on Trip Advisor, the breathtaking bamboo grove of Arashiyama, and Kinkaku-ji Temple. There are many other spots that tourists from overseas can enjoy.


The old capital of Japan: 794 - 1868

Kyoto is a millennial capital that began in 794 and lasted until 1868. In Japanese, Kyo “京” means the place emperor lives, and To “都” mean capital. As the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto welcomes more than 80 million domestic tourists every year.

Kyoto is a world-famous tourist destination. It is home to 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. One of the characteristics of Kyoto is that so many world cultural heritage sites are concentrated. Most famous sites include Kinkakuji (Golden Temple), Kiyomizu Temple and Nijo Castle. 

Washoku (Japanese Cuisine) - UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

"Japanese food; Japanese traditional food culture" has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO in 2013 and Kyoto’s food culture centered on vegetables played a pivotal role. The characteristic of Kyoto cuisine is that it is made by combining seasonal vegetables with dried fish, processed soybeans, and pickles. 

Student Town

Kyoto has long been known as an "academic town," a "university town," and a "student town," and universities have played a major role in the development of the city. The number of students studying in Kyoto City is equivalent to about 10% of the population, which is the highest ratio in large cities nationwide. 

Green tea from the Uji region in Kyoto is famous for its quality. By utilizing the management of tea fields based on many years of experience and the blessed nature, it has become a pronoun for high-quality gyokuro, tencha, and sencha teas in Japan.



2.6 million (Prefecture) 

1.4 million (City)

Popular places to visit (in Kyoto City)

Kinkakuji (Golden Temple)

Kiyomizu Temple

Nijo Castle

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Imperial Palace

Nishiki Market

Sanju Sangendo

Popular places to visit (outside Kyoto City)

Amano Hashidate

Byodoin (Uji)

Kinosaki Onsen (Hyogo prefecture)

Biwako Lake (Shiga prefecture)

Miho Museum (Shiga prefecture)

Mokumoku Farm (Mie prefecture)

Local specialty food

Japanese Kaiseki Meal

Japanese pickles

Japanese sweets


5th - World’s Best Award by Travel + Leisure (2021)


Kyoto Sanga F.C. (Soccer)

Kyoto Hannaryz (Basketball)


Murata Manufacturing, Nidec, Nintendo, Kyocera, Roam


Aoi Festival (Mid May)

Gion Festival (Mid July)

Gozan no Okuribi (August 16)

Jidai Festival (Mid October)

Kyoto Marathon (February)


University of Kyoto

Doshisha University

Ritsumeikan University

Kyoto Institute of Technology





Tokyo - Kyoto (2hr 15min)

Hakone (Odawara) - Kyoto (2hr 5min)

Nagoya - Kyoto (35min)

Hiroshima - Kyoto (1hr 40min)


Osaka - Hiroshima (1hr 20min)

Kanazawa (Naha) - Hiroshima (1hr 45min)

Sapporo (Shin Chitose) - Hiroshima (2hr)


Hiroshima Airport - Hiroshima station (50min, 1370 yen / adult) 

To / From Kansai International Airport (KIX)

By Bus

  • Kyoto station (1hr 25min)

  • Shijo Karasuma (1hr 45min)

By Train (JR Haruka)

  • Kyoto station (1hr 25min)

To / From Itami International Airport (ITM)

By Bus

  • Kyoto station (50 min)


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