Okinawa is the main island of an archipelago of over 180 total islands (inhabited and uninhabited) that stretches a length of 1000 kilometers (620 miles) off the coast of Japan’s southernmost main island.  The current population is around 1.4 million.  It is a popular vacation spot for Japanese and international visitors alike, known not only for beautiful beaches and resorts but also rich culture and history. 


Historically, Okinawa was an autonomous region known as the Ryukyu Islands.  It came under the control of Japan around the turn of the 16th Century, but maintained its independence and continued trade with China while the rest of Japan almost completely closed its borders to trade with the outside world.  It officially became part of Japan and was named Okinawa in 1879 after the Meiji Restoration, but then later was placed under control of the United States after World War II for almost 30 years.  This complex history and various outside influences have produced a rich and fascinating culture found nowhere else in Japan.  Visit Okinawa to experience unique local food, arts, and traditional crafts. 


Sightseeing and travel spots (main island)

Peace Memorial Park

American Village

Kokusai Dori (International Street)

Shikinaen Royal Gardens

Ryukyu Village

Shuri Castle

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

Katsuren Castle Ruins

Beaches and caves (main island)

Blue Cave

Busena Marine Park

Kabira Bay

Other islands to visit

Ishigaki Island

Yaeyama Island

Miyako Island

Kerama Islands National Park

Local specialty food and drink

Awamori Sake brewery

Orion Beer brewery

Okinawa soba

Taco rice

Goya Champuru

Festivals and Events

Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival (Dec-Jan)

Okinawa Flower and Food Festival (Jan-Feb)

Naha Tug-of-War Festival (Oct)


Naha-Tokyo (3 hour flight)

Naha-Osaka (2 hr 15 min flight)

Naha-Fukuoka (1 hr 45 min flight)

Naha-Ishigaki (1 hr flight)


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