Nobody Else

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Visitors often ask me how to find somewhere free of people and still worth seeing. I invariably answer: earn it. To become popular, an attraction must have a strong natural draw and easy accessibility. Remove accessibility and the crowds vanish magically. After all, the view from Mount Everest is simply breathtaking, but you won’t find […]

Drinking game with the guests

Dining with Maiko – Gion Hatanaka

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This week we took a look at Gion Hatanaka, a beautiful ryokan in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto. Here guests can enjoy a Kyoto style dinner while watching Maiko performances for an affordable price. After the meal, the participants are invited to play drinking games with the Maiko! ^.^ Check out more at their homepage: […]

Zen meditation room

Zen meditation in Kyoto

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Last week, on a beautiful autumn day, Next Japan Travel visited Kyoto’s Shunkō-in temple in order to experience a genuine Zen meditation class. Shunkō-in Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple located in Kyoto’s Myōshin-ji temple complex. It was established by the daimyo (feudal lord) Horio Yoshiharu in 1590 in honor of his son. Almost every […]