Places to visit in Sapporo

Clock Tower

Construction on the Sapporo Clock Tower finished in 1878 as part of the Sapporo Agricultural College. Originally serving as a drill hall for the college, the local governor later suggested that a clock be added to the tower. It has since become a symbol of this northerly city and is a popular site to stop and visit.

Nijo Market

The Nijo Market came into existing during the Meiji period and the height of Japan’s modernization. Among its many specialties are crabs and scallops, sourced from the frigid ocean nearby. Within the market as well, one can find many shops selling different kinds of local specialties including the uni ikura donburi, which is a rice dish made with sea urchin and salmon roe.

Sapporo Beer Museum

While many people think of sake when it comes to Japanese alcohol, Japanese companies have also been brewing beer for more than a hundred years. Hokkaido began Sapporo Beer, which is one of the oldest brands in Japan. In 1987 the company opened a beer museum in an old brewery. A short tour offers a look into the company’s history as well as the history of beer in Japan. Afterward, for a small fee, one can try sampling a few brews.

Shiroi Koibito Park

Local confectioner, Ishiya produces Sapporo’s popular “Shiroi Koibito” cookie. The simple sweet simply consists of a portion of white chocolate sandwiched between a pair of cookies. It enjoys such popularity that the company turned their factory into a theme park, where visitors can enjoy various chocolate themed attractions such as a factory tour, a sweet making experience, and even a rose garden (please pay entry fees for each attraction on your own).