The westernmost of Japan’s four main islands, Kyushu offers an experience of laid back Japanese life combined with milder temperatures, magnificent natural scenery, picturesque coastlines and unique food and friendly locals. 

The economic and technology of Fukuoka is developing a reputation as it attracts your tech entrepreneurs. This developing scene is reflected in the restaurants and bars all over the city. Not just recognised for its developing tech industries, Fukuoka is also widely known for its outdoor food stalls selling the local version of ramen with egg noodles. Fukuoka has a long history of welcoming visitors from China and Korea due to its far western location, and this tradition continues with visitors from across the world welcome to experience everything the city and region offers.

Nagasaki which was ravaged by destruction in Wold War 2 now breathes as a provincial city with one of the best night views in Japan from the summit of Mount Inasa. Close to the coast of Nagasaki is the abandoned island known as Gunkanjima, or Battleship Island, which was the former home to a coal mine and it’s workers from the late 1800’s until the island was abandoned overnight when the mine closed in 1974. Remaining virtually untouched until recently, it is now possible to take a tour of the island and get up closet the extreme industrial decay that sits as a contrast to the surrounding sea and islands off the coast of Kyushu.

The volcanic and seismic activity of Japan is obvious in many parts of the country, but particularly so in Kyushu. The turbulent geological history of the region has created the rugged landscape dotted with active volcanoes and hot springs around Beppu and Kagoshima that is embraced today. Visitors come from around the country and the world to take up the healing and health benefits of the rich mineral waters which bubble up from deep beneath the earth.

Getting to Kyushu is possible by undersea bullet train and rail connections, or by air or ferry. Rail and bus networks will take you to every corner of the island, or you could hire a car and enjoy a Japanese road trip at your own pace.



  • Onsen in Beppu (Oita)
  • Mt. Aso (Kumamoto)
  • Takachiho (Miyazaki)
  • Gunkanjima – Battleship Island (Nagasaki)
  • Yakushima (Kagoshima)