Home to Tokyo and Yokohama, making it one of the most populated and the largest continuous urban areas in the world, the Kanto region of Japan is the centre economically and geographically of Japan. The capital of Japan since 1868, it is not possible to sum up Tokyo in words. It is a place that should be experienced in order to start to understand it. Even after visiting Tokyo will you only begin to scratch the surface of what is on offer. 

From endless restaurants and bars, boutique shopping and large shopping malls, Tokyo is home to every urban experience imaginable. The forest of soaring glass skyscrapers provides a backdrop to a bustling life of the city’s residents but is also the place where visitors can endlessly explore and discover something new. Due to its scale and diversity of people attracted to the city, Tokyo offers every experience imaginable.

Outside of the sprawling metropolis, the Kanto region is the location of various spots of natural beauty from Mount Takao which is located about an hour west of Tokyo. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and greenery in the forests that surround the mountain. Nikko is also within easy reach of Tokyo and is an area of dense forest and to the northwest of the capital. Here, you can be surrounded by dense forests, enjoy staying at a traditional Japanese style inn and visit some of beautiful and historic sites such as Toshogu, one of the most ornate shrines in Japan. 

Both Mount Takao and Nikko allow visitors to Tokyo be a surrounded by nature, which is something that can be difficult to find in the confines of the city. In Autumn is the unmissable chance to see the changing of leaves on the trees. The landscapes here are transformed from a lush green to fiery reds and yellows and the cool air sets in to strip the forest of its foliage. 

Visiting the areas throughout Kanto is easy, as everything is centrally connected to downtown Tokyo which means that even taking a day trip to one of the surrounding towns or areas is within easy reach from the central city.