Chubu is one region of Japan that encapsulates the diversity of experiences available in Japan. From the industrial and urban areas of Nagoya and surrounds, to the coastal areas taking in both the Sea of Japan to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south, and with the Japanese Alps and of course Mount Fuji at it’s heart, Chubu features many of the possibilities available when visiting Japan. 

The iconic silhouette of Mt Fuji is known the world over. Even more remarkable is a visit to the mountain itself. Whether you choose to make the climb to the 3776 metre summit in summer, or prefer to appreciate the view of the perfectly shaped volcano from further down, viewing Fuji-san from any angle is a breathtaking experience. 

Visiting one of the 5 lakes around the base of Mt Fuji in the Chubu region including, Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Shojiko, Motosuko and Yamanakako, not only offers visitors to Japan a different perspective of Fuji-san, but also of Japan and the smaller towns and cities in the area. The surrouding area is looked over by Mount Fuji and provides those who enjoy outdoor activities an opportunity to appreciate this unique environment or visit one of the tea farms situated in the foothills.

Now connected by Shinkansen from Tokyo, Kanazawa is a regional city with history and culture. Dotted further afield, are the numerous mountain towns and villages such as Takayma, home to the thatched roofs of Shirakawago and clear waters and cold climate which creates the perfect environment for brewing Japanese sake. 

The mountainous area of Nagano and the picturesque towns and high altitude farms of the area not only produce some of the best fruit and rice in Japan during the summer months, but in winter, become a wonderland for for snow sport enthusiasts with a multitude of slopes for skiers and snowboarders to choose from. A great way to experience the outdoors in Japan is to enjoy a visit to one of the hot spring towns in the Nagano area where mineral rich waters bubble up from under the earth and have been used for bathing and relaxation for hundreds of years. So enticing are these waters that the local native monkeys from Yamanouchi can be found keeping warm and playing in the waters of the rock pools.

The imposing Matsumoto Castle is also an amazing feature of the Chubu region. Situated high up in the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto Castle is one of the few original surviving castles in Japan’s history that has not been destroyed by war or nature. You will surely be rewarded for making the trip to this area, not only from being able to soak up the natural beauty and delicious food of the area, but also through your experience of venturing beyond the main tourist routes.

Close to the major centres of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, the Chubu region is within convenient reach of the most populated areas of Japan by bullet train, bus and air.