Which area you should stay in Kyoto

Which area you should stay in Kyoto

Have you ever wondered which area to book a hotel in Kyoto? Some people may value the convenience of transportation, while others may value the quaint and cultural atmosphere of Kyoto. Kyoto is a much more compact city than Tokyo, so no matter which area you stay in, you can quickly go to another place. This article is a reference for which area to book a hotel in.


1. Kyoto Station

The easiest way is around Kyoto Station. There are many hotels in the area, from casual hotels to luxury hotels. The north side of Kyoto Station is a prosperous area, so the hotels on the south side are a little cheaper. There is a large supermarket "Lopia" on the basement floor of Yodobashi Camera, just north of Kyoto Station. In addition, Aeon Mall Kyoto Station is a 3-minute walk from the south side of the station, so it is very convenient for shopping.


2. Shijo Karasuma

Shijo Karasuma is about 5 minutes away from Kyoto Station, the second station on the subway. This station, where the north-south subway and the Hankyu line that can go to Osaka station intersect, is a very convenient place for transportation. There are many reasonably priced hotels scattered around the station. There are also many places to eat, such as ramen shops and izakayas. Buses connect everywhere in Kyoto city, and you can go to all major places such as Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, Heian Jingu, Nijo Castle, Gion, etc. with just one bus.


3. Shijo Kawaramachi

Shijo Kawaramachi is the most commercially prosperous area in Kyoto. Takashimaya Kyoto is located above Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi Station. You can also go to Nishiki Market in about 5 minutes. In addition, there are many restaurants such as izakayas, so it is a very good place for people who want to spend a lively night.


4. Gion

Gion is about 10 steps east of Shijo Kawaramachi. Along the way, you will pass the Kamo River, which has a slow flow. There are many inns in this area. In the evening, you may also see maiko (apprentice geisha) who are invited to a restaurant.


5. Karasuma Oike

Karasuma Oike is the center of business, including many administrative offices of Kyoto City. Walking slowly along the wide Oike Street is the most pleasant experience. The area is also home to famous inns such as Ace Hotel Kyoto, Hiiragiya, and Tawaraya. There are many nice restaurants, and the Kawaramachi area is a short walk away.


6. Arashiyama

Travelers who want to spend a quiet time slowly may want to stay in Arashiyama, which is a little further away. Arashiyama is a very popular tourist spot, so it tends to be crowded with many people during the day, but it might be the best experience to stay in Arashiyama and take a leisurely walk through the bamboo forest in the early morning and watch the river flow slowly. . Arashiyama has many luxury inns.

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