Mastering Sushi in 1 Day

Next Japan Travel runs our own cooking class in Tokyo and Kyoto. People are shifting more and more sushi class 2017.02.14 tokyotowards experiential travel from traditional sightseeing tours, and cooking class is gaining more popularity in that trend.

On Valentine Day 2017, we welcomed 2 passionate home cooks from Panama to our Tokyo studio. They sent us one email explaining that they want to learn sushi from professional Japanese chef.

Start at 10:00am. We greeted the two gentlemen in the hotel, and we went to Tsukiji fish market directly by taxi. Tsukiji fish market is the largest of its kind and though we struggled a little in finding the fishes we were looking for, we eventually found them.

After finding the fishes, we stopped at local knife shop in Tsukiji. Japan is famous for sharp cooking knife and Tsukiji is probably one of the best places to find good ones for tourists, due to its accessibility. The farther bought one knife for the son.

After a short tour of Tsukiji market and lunch, we took taxi and moved to our cooking studio. The lesson starts at 1pm.

The lesson consists of four main themes; fish cutting, fish prep, sushi making and knife care. Cutting fish and getting rid of fish bones needs some practice and skill, so that part took longer than was firstly planned. But after lots of effort, lesson ended at 6pm and the two gentlemen enjoyed the fresh sushi in the end.

Food is one of the best ways to experience countries and if you are willing to do more than just eating, I am sure you will feel closer to the culture.