Fire Ramen Kyoto


This week, Next Japan Travel visited Kyoto’s famous Menbaka-ichidai restaurant, better known as the “Fire Ramen” restaurant. Despite being a small and local ramen-house, it recently ranked number 1 (!) of all restaurants and eateries in Kyoto (Tripadvisor). The concept is simple: put on an apron, put your hands behind your back, and wait for the chef to pour flaming oil into the ramen bowl in front of you. At this moment, only the bravest souls can keep a straight face as the searing fire blows up in front of you. The official name of the dish is “green onion ramen”, and according to the owners (father and son), pouring burning oil over it just before eating brings out the flavor and aroma of the green onion. However dangerous it might sound, they have kindly considered your safety by creating a set of Fire Ramen rules / guidelines. Among these are: Do not touch the bowl, hands behind your back, no items on the table, and don’t run away. Also, do not touch the bowl…

Having had great success with the fire ramen, they have recently come up with a new project called “Ramen University”. This is a cooking school where you can make an authentic ramen in their really authentic ramen house kitchen. You are given the power to blend your own soup mix, pick the garnishes and toppings you want, as well as choosing your favorite noodle type. The owners will also teach you typical ramen house phrases and cooking styles (read: fancy tricks).

Check out their website for more information, or read other peoples experiences of the fire ramen on Tripadvisor. Or if you are interested in learning how to cook Japanese dishes, check out Kyoto cooking class page.

As they say: “Please arrive hungry”,
and do not touch the bowl…


Opening hours:

Ramen restaurant:
11:30 am – 2:30 pm &
6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Holiday: Tuesdays
No reservations required

Ramen University:
15:00 pm – 17:00 pm
Reservation only