Zen meditation room

Zen meditation in Kyoto

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Last week, on a beautiful autumn day, Next Japan Travel visited Kyoto’s Shunkō-in temple in order to experience a genuine Zen meditation class. Shunkō-in Temple is a Zen Buddhist temple located in Kyoto’s Myōshin-ji temple complex. It was established by the daimyo (feudal lord) Horio Yoshiharu in 1590 in honor of his son. Almost every […]


Fire Ramen Kyoto

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This week, Next Japan Travel visited Kyoto’s famous Menbaka-ichidai restaurant, better known as the “Fire Ramen” restaurant. Despite being a small and local ramen-house, it recently ranked number 1 (!) of all restaurants and eateries in Kyoto (Tripadvisor). The concept is simple: put on an apron, put your hands behind your back, and wait for […]

G7 summit 2016

G7 summit 2016

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The G7 summit of 2016 is to be held at Ise-Shima close to the original sacred Shinto shrines of Japan, (Ise) Jingu. “Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Friday Japan will host next year’s Group of Seven summit of major industrialized countries in an area of central Japan close to a grand Shinto shrine…”  (link to […]

Saio misogi purification ceremony

Misogi purification ceremony 2015

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The Aoi festival held on the 15th of May every year in Kyoto is drawing near. Before the actual date of the festival, many preparations and pre-ceremonies has to be done. One of these is the misogi purification ceremony that was held today. In this ceremony, the “Saio-dai” purifies her mind and body by ceremoniously […]

Red colour of the torii gate

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If you google the word “Torii”, most of the torii gates appearing are indeed red, vermillion or orange. But why are they coated in exactly these colours? Finding a clear answer to our question is not easy, but according to the Fushimi Inari Shrine (the one with all the gates) located in Kyoto, the colour […]